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Covid-19 SOP violations by people visiting GMC Anantnag

by GBN24 Kashmir

Covid -19 SOP Violation by patients and attendants at GMC Anantnag

Asif Rashid

Following the corona virus pandemic when everywhere people are being informed and educated about SOP’s and preventative methods. People visiting Government Medical College Anantnag are not paying heed to any covid-19 guidelines issued by the government. Forget about social distancing most of the people don’t even wear masks to ensure some protection from the virus.
As the government announced the Covid-19 unlock phases for the potential growth of economic conditions and giving very much ease in restrictions but people seems to be taking covid a less threat now. While in GMC Anantnag administration must be accountable how come people there are openly violating all SOP’s. Scenes witnessed in orthopaedic and surgical ward were worrisome as these being some critical wards but neither social distancing nor masks were wore by majority of the people present in these wards and authorities were acting as mute spectators.

“No one from the administration side as well is taking SOP’s seriously, people are roaming in the wards without masks and nobody asks them anything thus putting us all at risk of infection. Said Rayees Ahamd, resident of Daligam.

“It is sheer irresponsibility on part of the doctors for failing to enforce COVID19 protocol, no one can better understand the impact of the pandemic than doctors. So, “the violation of SOPs by the patients in their presence is a grave offense,”. He added while he was surprised to see hundreds of patients huddled outside the OPD “Instead of receiving treatment, the patients have been exposed to the infection “. He added further.

While taking to principal GMC Anantanag Dr. Showkat Jeelani over the issue he said we are doing all best possible from our side but people need themselves to be very serious about this.

“We have hoardings allover the hospital and broachers to aware the people , it is their own individual responsibility to follow the social distancing and wear face masks” He added.

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