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Vox Pop: Gadget addiction amid Covid-19 lockdown

by GBN24 Kashmir

Vox pop
Gadget addiction amid Covid-19 lockdown

Ifra Hassan/GBN24 News

With the spread of the coronavirus, the world started spending more time at home as a precaution, and the more time people spent at home, the more they surfed the web. Covid-19 lockdown has made people spend more time on online gaming and social media on smartphones and television.
Ifra Hassan took a Vox pop with some people from different walks of life to know about their experience of using gadgets amid Covid-19.
Here is what they have to say:

Sheikh Rafiya

“Well of course to a lot extend our screen time has increased amid this covid-19 lockdown, for me as a teacher I have to deliver lectures through online mode and at least three classes minimum per day, this has increased my time with gadgets like phone and laptop. Preparing lectures and finding study material on internet and being in touch with my students is keeping me stick with these gadgets”

Ali Muhammad Ganie

“As a businessman, this lockdown has shut my business. But I have to make my business presence online. Business has been severely impacted because of lockdown, now i always spend a good amount of time on promotion of my business online, whether it’s social media or our website, we have to spend time on gadgets only then we can have some customers and gain some profit. As we work from home we always make ourselves available online for our customers. Sometimes when we spend more time on screen, I do catch headache, and remain mentally disturbed a bit, but we have to live with this addiction and online mode of our lives”

Sabreena Ali

“ From morning till afternoon, i have to be on phone or laptop to attend my online classes, my phone is now my classroom. Even if I want not to use my phone for long duration, I can’t because i have to keep internet data connection on always to get all notification from university. We have almost whatsAap groups for all subjects, and then other apps like Zoom, Google meet, Skype, Google classroom. I need to check them regularly so that I don’t miss any important notification. Even after online classes are over we have to prepare assignment that too using gadgets mobile or laptop. We have really become a lot dependent on phones during this lockdown. Smart phone has become a basic need for all now particularly for students”

Sadiya Hamad

“As a Journalist I have to be with gadgets always, but yes I do believe that we are now more with mobile phones than pre pandemic period. As most of the time I can’t go for story physically. I use make of phone calls, chat, email and what not. News gathering is what has been impacted more because of this pandemic; we can’t really go outside to cover story on ground. Now being at home we meet online with our sources, editors and colleagues. Also I keep eye on social media, news channels to know what is happening all around. Being in a condition like quarantine we have been attached more with our mobile phones but we have to make use of gadgets in a useful way as we need more authentic information during thus pandemic”

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