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NGO conduct Maga Winter kit program at Boniyar Baramulla


Sheikh Mustafa/GBN24 News

To enact the helping hand to needy UK based NGO today distributed approximately 200 food kits and blankets among orphans and widows in Boniyar and Uri Tehsil of North Kashmir’s District Baramulla. The program was conducted in accordance with the Managing Director of Jammu and Kashmir Sheikh Reyaz and other volunteers sponsored by UK based NGO. The organization is working and operational in 14 countries among IIndia.

“We provide them same good quality of food kits and blankets to all needy people in packets, our aim is no one should sleep hungry, what we eat ourselves at home, others should eat better than that” said a volunteer Mohd Naseer Malik

“The kits are being distributed among needy families already identified by the volunteers, our effort is no family or an individual should be in need to beg, presently amid COVID-19 we are helping people on two lines – food kits and educational assistance for orphan children said another volunteer” Aameen Ahmad Bhat

The organization is not only distributing food kits and blankets, but also they help Orphans in their education as well as they have contributed a lot in Uri and Boniyar Tehsils sincle 2014 and are regularly helping the orphan children. The organization also constructed 3 houses in these tehsils and have a plan to construct 7 more such houses in future, besides that they are also benefitting orphans with the help of Scholarships and providing them admission in better schools.

“Throughout Jammu and Kashmir, highest number of 300 orphan children have been sponsored from Tehsil Uri and Boniyar, because of the great efforts of SDM Uri, we are also highly thankful to SDM Uri his countless efforts made it possible”. Said head volunteer representative Mohammad Altaf Badana.

Further he said “the organization has two separate hostels in Srinagar in which the double orphan student are been taught and are getting all the facilities, every year we distribute the ration kits, blankets and other assistances worth amount of 30 to 40 lakhs. Moreover every month the 300 sponsored students get educational assistance of 1700 Rupees. Besides all that recently we have sanctioned a hostle in Uri which will be build very soon for the widows who have no caretaker and for the children who are studying in colleges and higher secondaries and don’t have residential place.

“The managing Director of Jammu and Kashmir Sheikh Reyaz said that, presently lot of programs are going on and we are planing to help more student and widows who are in dire need, in future we will sponsor more children and provide them educational assistance and all the basic facilities. In addition to that we need to give them residential houses and to accommodate them in good schools for better quality and skill based education.

Many students expressed their gratitude towards the NGO and thank volunteers for their enthusiasm and passion.

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